Makita LS1018L miter saw

Makita LS1018L miter saw

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Manufacturer: Makita
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Makita DAEWST05 Makita DAEWST05
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Product Description


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Makita LS1018L miter saw Cutting jaw cut. Cutting under the slope and double-sided cutting. Restriction of the starting current. Motor brake. Same cut capacity as for LS1013. Very precise cuts thanks to the double pushing construction and 6 (!) Linear bearings. Easy angle adjustment. Simple adjustment of the base angle of the base. Simply portable. Adjustable laser cutting line.   Technical data Power input 1430 W Free idle speed 4300 rpm Blade diameter 260 mm Cutting capacity: 90-speed 91x305mm Cutting capacity: at 45-foot 91x215mm Weight: 19.9kg

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