Makita HR2460 drilling hammer

Makita HR2460 drilling hammer

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Manufacturer: Makita
Upínání: SDS plus
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Makita HR2460 drilling hammer New machine design and side handle. Increased resistance of the striker and the rubber ring of the commutator. Increased abrasion resistance for gearbox and packaging. Reduced lubrication penetration of the tool holder, rotor bearing, and the interface between the inner envelope and the gearbox. Antivibration structure of the engine section, the design of the machine is designed so that the cooling air stream with the dust parts can not cause a short circuit on the rotor. Speed ​​limiter. Adjust the front of the machine so that it is resistant to possible impacts. A new machine-to-wheel (L / R) design with carbons that increases the life of the carbon and guarantees the same speed and performance of the machine in both directions. The serial number of the machine is positioned so that the possibility of damage is minimal.   Power consumption: 780W Clamping tool: SDS-Plus No-load speed: 0-1110 min-1 Number of strokes: 0-4500 min-1 Strength: 2.7 J Weight: 2.5kg Power concrete / steel / wood: 65/13/32 mm Package contents: Transport case Depth stop Side handle


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