Makita HM0871C cutting hammer

Makita HM0871C cutting hammer

Code hm0871c
Manufacturer: Makita
Upínání: SDS-MAX
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Product Description


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Makita HM0871C Cutting Hammer SDS-max clamping. Antivibration technology reduces vibrations by up to 70%. Innovative hammering solutions - at idling, the number of hammers reduces, making it easier and more precise to work with minimal vibration. The hammer force 11.6 J at 5.6 kg. Full range electronics for constant number of impact hammers. Speed ​​control, slow start. Signaling of cable and circuit breaker. Carbon with extended service life. No-impact resistant.   Power consumption: 1110 W Clamping: for SDS max Number of clicks: 1.100 - 2.650 min-1 The force of the hammer: 8.1 J Vibration value: 8 m / s2 Weight: 5.6 kg

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