Makita GA5030R angle grinder

Makita GA5030R angle grinder

Code ga5030r
Manufacturer: Makita
Průměr kotouče: průměr 125
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Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Makita GA5030R Angle Grinder  Despite its size and great value, it has advanced anti-dusting bearing design and anti-dusting rotor and stator treatment. The packaging is a slender design, and it fits perfectly. The grinder cover is ergonomically shaped. Compact powerful single-handed sander with 720W power motor, 125mm diameter Rotor and stator dust control and dust-bearing design of bearings Ergonomically shaped grinder cover The body is slender, guarantees comfortable holding Spindle lock for easy disc replacement Additional side handle with 2 positions Antirestart Parameters: Power input 720 W Free idle speed 11,000 rpm Diameter of grinding wheel 125 mm Ø M12x2 spindle clamping thread Weight 1.8 kg Package contents: Wheel cover (123099-9) Side handle (153489-2) Internal screw (224415-9) Nut (224554-5) Key to Angle Grinder (782423-1)

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