Makita 5143R circular saw

Makita 5143R circular saw

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Manufacturer: Makita
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Makita 5143R Circular Saw Continuously adjusting the depth of cutting on the scissors principle. Torsion dampers in the motor head ensure long service life. Torsion dampers reduce noise during work in load and prevent torsional vibration. Electronic Limiter of Acceleration Current. Saw blade housing secured to bearings deformation. Continuous angle adjustment of 0-45 ° with double tilting device. Parameters: Power consumption 2 200 W Free idle speed 2,700 rpm Cutting depth at 0 ° 50-130 mm At 45 ° max. 95 mm At 60 ° max. 65 mm Saw blade / hole: 355/30 mm Weight 14.5 kg Package contents: Saw blade with carbide tip 355mm. Parallel stop. Exhaust adapter. Hex Allen key.

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