Bosch GST 150 CE straight saw

Bosch GST 150 CE straight saw

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Manufacturer: Bosch
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Bosch GST 150 CE Straight Saw

Bosch GST 150 CE is a powerful, straight-cut, straight-cut saw. Thanks to the overload motor, the Bosch GST 150 CE is also suitable for cutting hard and strong beams. The robust, self-drilling base of the Bosch GST 150 CE straight-edge saw is resistant to deformation even in tough conditions. Sawing of saw blades ensures high cutting accuracy.
Ergonomic grip areas with soft Softgrip inserts ensure a comfortable and firm grasp of the straight saw in every situation.
Keep professionally. Cut the Bosch GST 150 CE straight saw

Bosch GST 150 CE

Changing the swing stroke
Dust extraction
Bosch SDS system
Control electronics
Constant Electronic
Orbital movement

Product Parameters

Weight 2.6 kg
Power consumption 780 W
Cutting depth in wood 150 mm
Cutting depth in aluminum 20 mm
Lifting height 26mm
Cutting depth in 10 mm non-alloy steel
Number of idling vibrations 500-3100 rpm

Package contents:
1 piece saw blade T 144 DP (2 609 991 569)
Material shielding protector (2 601 016 093)
Cover (2 605 510 293)
Suction nozzle (2 605 730 055)
Guide shoe (2 601 099 183)
Plastic suitcase


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