Makita 6906 electric impact wrench

Makita 6906 electric impact wrench

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Manufacturer: Makita
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Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Makita 6906 electric impact wrench  MAKITA 6906 - electric impact wrench 600Nm. 3/4 "clamping device Enormously high torque. Swing switch for right / left running in center handle. Handy thanks to the center grip at the center of gravity of the wrench. Screws and nuts can be tightened and released effortlessly and without damaging the screw heads.   Power consumption: 620 W Idle speed: 1700 rpm Number of clicks per empty: 1600 min-1 Max. Tightening torque: 600 Nm Tool Clamping: 3/4 " Screws: M16-M22 Strength Screws: M16-M20 Weight: 5.6 kg

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