Bosch GMS 100 Professional digital metal detector

Bosch GMS 100 Professional digital metal detector

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Manufacturer: Bosch
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Bosch GMS 100 M The most reliable metal detector in its class Even more reliable detection of metal objects and power lines thanks to the three-color LED light ring Auto Zoom scale for precise location of the object Exact location marking for safe drilling thanks to sensitive sensors positioned around the marking hole Automatic calibration Use: Where it is necessary to prevent drilling of water or gas pipes, el. Cables, steel reinforcements Where to find and connect to existing ones. Distributions, distribution boxes, distributors or metal pipes hidden in walls and floors When renovating old buildings Detection depth, steel, max. 100 mm Depth detection, copper, max. 80mm Depth of detection, el. Power line, max. 50mm Degree of protection IP 54 Weight 0.24 kg


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