Makita LD080PI laser distance meter

Makita LD080PI laser distance meter

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Manufacturer: Makita
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Makita LD080PI laser distance meter  IP54 dust and splash protection Built-in tilt sensor for use as a spirit level - makes it easy to measure inaccessible places Three-line auto-backlit display Accurate measurement results make it easy to work quickly and without mistakes For roofers, flooring, plasterboard, architects, painters, electricians, kitchen fitters, Measurement of surfaces, volumes, indirect measurements (Pythagoras theorem), intervals, trigonometric functions, acoustic signaling and timer Memory for 20 measurements Professional stop with automatic detection With 1/4 "thread for use with tripods   Advantages Backlit three-line display - values ​​can be easily read even in the dark Distance setting, fast and accurate internal measurement, trigger with time delay Shortcut keys for quick access to frequently used features Tilting end adapter for precise angled and marginal measurements Measuring range 0.05 m - 80 m Memory for the last 20 measurements Technical data Measuring range 0.05-80 m Accuracy ± 1.5 mm Class of leser 2 Battery 2 x 1.5 V AAA Weight with batteries 140 g Dimensions 117 x 57 x 32 mm Hold up to 5000 measurements Package contents: 2x AAA battery Textile pocket tab Box


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