Makita DMR107 aku radio

Makita DMR107 aku radio

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Manufacturer: Makita
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Makita DMR107 Aku radio
Li-Ion battery 7.2-18V or AC adapter can be used
IPX4 tested / Splash protection
Automatic tuning with 5 stations in memory
Stereo speakers
Rubberized machines, protection against damage
Flexible antenna
The non-slip handle is 90 ° tiltable
Protection of controls
Clock with alarm function
Max power: 7.2 V: 2x0, 5W, 9.6V: 2x1W; 10.8V: 2x1, 2W, 12V: 2x1, 5W; 14.4V: 2x2, 2W, 18V 2x3, 5W
Supplied without battery and charger

Bandwidth (FM) 87.5 - 108 MHz
Bandwidth (AM) range 522 - 1,629 kHz
Output power at 24 V 2x 3.5 W
Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 257 x 163 x 431 mm

Package contents:

Network adapter, antenna


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