Makita PF1110 submersible sludge pump

Makita PF1110 submersible sludge pump

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Manufacturer: Makita
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Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Makita PF1110 submersible sludge pump  Submersible sludge pump MAKITA PF1110 Submersible pump suitable for very polluted water with solids content up to 35 mm in diameter Ideal for quick pumping of contaminated water from cellars, garden tanks, ponds, etc. Very durable stainless steel packaging Automatically switching on / off the pump by means of a float Reliable engine Technical details: Power consumption: 1.100 Watt Max. Water flow: 15,000 l / h Max. Displacement: 10 m Max. Depth of immersion: 5 m Max. Particle diameter: 35 mm Horizontal suction possibility: from 50 mm Output Diameter: 2 " Cable length: 10 m Weight: 5.9 kg

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